Phoenix International Open 2019

It’s the first year IBJJF has come back to Phoenix and it did not disappoint. All of our competitors and coaches came out in full force and represented the team. Overall we were 3rd as a team. Even though we didn’t get the win this was the first and right step in securing our presence here in Phoenix. Congratulations to all the competitors and thank you for all the support.


Ares BJJ Atlanta Open camp, conference and tournament

We are fairly a new team coming up in the jiu jitsu world and have accomplished so much in the last 2-3 years. Just as our mission statement we wanted to spend more time with our friends and team mates as we share this jiu jitsu journey. This week we were able to accomplish big things as a TEAM. We hosted a training camp for all team members which packed the mats every single session and managed to host a business conference for the owners and operators of individual academies from California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and more. We also managed to become the Kids overall champions for the Kids Open. We have some big name teams representing here in Georgia and we also managed to come in 4th overall as a team. These are small steps we are taking towards a big goal. Congratulations to everyone who trained, made weight and tested themselves this weekend, you make us all proud! Let’s keep using this momentum to mover forward on our goals on the mats.

Open Training and Association Meeting

We will be on a modified schedule (for adult classes) for the Atlanta Open Sept 17-20th.

We are hosting a camp for all Ares BJJ members and hope to have everyone attend regardless if you are competing or not. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow team mates and other black belts for training and fellowship. Each session will follow lunch/dinner with the team. See you all in a couple of weeks!


IBJJF Orlando Summer Open

Diêgo Bispo, our black belt at ARES BJJ, won two medals at the IBJJF Orlando Summer Open on 8/2/2019. He also runs an amazing kids program and left the message below:

'What is more important than my medals is being able to compete alongside my kids and inspire then. They did a great job. We had 13 kids competing, 9 got gold medals 🥇and 2 got bronze medals🥉. Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Thank you to all my Ares and DBA Families and friends for all the support.'

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San Jose Open a HUGE Success

It's a wrap! The 2017 IBJJF San Jose Summer Open is over and our team got 2nd place overall. It's was a great result considering we were outnumbered by many athletes but that's not the most important thing, what really matters is the sense of family everyone in the team had during this tournament because that's what we are about. Trophies will come and go, medals will be lost, family will always be there! Thank you all for being our family, thank you all for being Ares BJJ! 

Up next, Atlanta Open Sept 23/24