U.S. Open Champions

In its 21st year, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the US came back to Santa Cruz, California and Ares BJJ/Soul Fighters was here to represent. With over 70 adults fighting we took home 3 first place trophies: Kids, Adult Male and Adult Female and two more trophies in third place with Team Overall and the Masters Division as well. Our young team has been hard at work this year competing in as many tournaments as we could and the US Open was no different; we had competitors from Ares Rocklin, Ares Modesto, and Milton Bastos BJJ. We area all so diverse in our lives and where we are with our BJJ journeys but that doesn't stop us in our mission and goals. Some of us are young full time competitors, others are middle school students figuring out their way through life while still keeping their eyes on the prize; and many of us are parents ourselves- juggling 40 hours of work, raising kids and trying to become champions- one win at a time. We are so proud of everyone and all their hard work.