Pans Camp 2017

One of the most recognized and prestigious tournament is coming up soon, how are you preparing for the IBJJF's Pans 2017 championship? I'm sure you are prepping well with a balanced diet, strength & conditioning and lots of technical jiu jitsu. Yes, TECHNICAL JIU JITSU. At this level of the tournament it comes down to inches to get that W. We here at Ares BJJ would like to invite all students of BJJ to come join us for our annual Pans camp March 4-12th. Whether you are competing or not you don't want to miss the camp. You will learn how to win your matches   strategically and with a proven method. There are over 10 high level black belts confirmed to be here from all over the world. This doesn't mean you have to be a black belt to attend the camp, ANYONE AT ANY LEVEL FROM ANY AFFILATION can join us for this epic camp. If you haven't done so sign up TODAY,  book your tickets and let's ROLL!! we look forward to a very successful camp.. it's going to be a success because YOU will be part of it.  Click here to register:


Pans Camp 2017 March 4-12th