We'd like to take this opportunity to "officially" welcome Prof. Kenny Kim, students and affiliates to the Ares family. He has always been part of the team and friend but now we are very excited to have him on board. Everyday our association/team/family is growing in a positive direction. He runs a very successful gym in the suburbs of Atlanta,Ga and will be helping with some of the duties of the association. As we officially welcome Prof. Kenny he was awarded his 2nd degree on his black belt by Profs. Samir and Quexinho. Lastly, Prof. Kenny awarded one of his long time friend and training partner Brien Calloway to black belt! We now had added another Ares BJJ black belt to the roster. If you guys are ever in the eastcoast make sure to stop by and get on the mat!  


Ares BJJ-Kenny Kim


Ares BJJ Black Belts in attendance