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Ares Association Contract

Terms and Conditions:



Academies are permitted to use the name, logo, and images of Ares, as well as the names of instructors for promotional purposes.


Ares BJJ will provide a Beginner Program Curriculum to the academy, although its use is not mandatory.



The association's logo may not be altered in any way.


Academies will have a logo and a dedicated sub-page on the Ares BJJ Association's website containing all relevant academy information.


Academies are not authorized to create any Ares BJJ Association products. However, they may purchase Ares BJJ products at wholesale pricing through the Breakpoint VIP program (registration link will be provided).

Academies are required to make a minimum purchase of $500 in association products every 6 months. Seasonal products will be announced exclusively in our owners-only Facebook group as limited editions.


Academies must host at least one seminar annually led by a prominent Ares BJJ figure. The seminars will be offered at a promotional price of $1500 plus expenses.


Academies and their students will receive discounted rates for events and camps organized by Ares BJJ. A yearly celebratory camp will be held by Ares BJJ, with details on location and cost to be announced.

Cross Training:

Students from affiliated academies may participate in cross-training visits to other Ares BJJ affiliated academies at no cost, with a limit of once a week (unless otherwise arranged with the owner).


New affiliations must be situated at least 15 miles away from any other Ares BJJ affiliate.


Graduations up to brown belt do not require approval from Ares BJJ Association. However, black belt promotions need to be overseen by a leader of the Ares BJJ Association, preferably at one of the association's camps or seminars.

Ares BJJ Online Training:

Academies will receive one account with complimentary access to the Ares BJJ Online Training platform.


Upon enrollment, you  will receive the Ares BJJ Beginners Curriculum, and access to the Ares BJJ Online Training account. Additionally, a monthly fee of $150 will be charged for team maintenance and to support the association's community initiatives.


By signing this Agreement, the user consents to automatic payments and agrees to abide by all stated terms and conditions.


Either party may terminate this agreement with 30 days' notice without cause.

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