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Independent BJJ

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts was born and raised in Hungary. He has a solid background of boxing with close to 100 fights. He also has several MMA and K3 fights in different European countries and started his coach career as an mma instructor around 2014. He was an official couch of the Hungarian MMA team in 2014-2015. He always followed international MMA fights and always liked ground fight, also participated grappling competitions. He knew Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a long time ago (like 2010) but started to practice trully hard under Milton Bastos, who was David’s first true professor who promoted him to purple, brown and black belt. David established his club in 2014 and called it to Independent MMA Grappling Hungary but after he joined to the Ares team the name of his club remained Independent BJJ Hungary since he found the beauty and the never ending personal, technical and self development in this amazing sport. He was promoted to black belt by Milton Bastos in 2022. Milton and David became really good and close friends along with the other great Ares founders and members like Osvaldo, Samir and Alan. David builds his team based on brotherhood, honesty and loyalty. He participated every  European IBJJF competition he could as a purple, brown and black belt to learn as much as possible. He is looking forward to the new chapter as a black belt to the competitions and all that comes to his jurney in BJJ.David’s ars poetica says: If you start BJJ it will be hard as hell but I can assure you it worth it…

+36 70 785 57 87

Independent BJJ
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